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Malaysia - Another Name For Beauty And Diversity!

Get Introduced To Malaysia:

Malaysia, one of the most favoured travel destinations, is traversed by a huge number of tourists every year. Be it the luxury or the natural splendour, the mixture of different cultures or the exquisite flora and fauna; Malaysia is a place to be explored in every stride.

Nestled in the South-eastern corner of Asia, Malaysia perfectly defines multiculturalism along with its bio and geo diversity. The country is divided into two different parts with similar attributes just like identical twins, separated by the South China Sea. One part is known to be the peninsular Malaysia and the other is the Malaysian Borneo that consists of two popular states namely Sarawak and Sabah. Being mountainous on the eastern zone, this Malaysian Peninsula features sweeping beaches with white splendid sands on the western side. Malaysia offers diversified landscapes on both of its parts that rise to the skyward facing hills beginning from the coastal plains.

Malaysia is absolutely unpredictable; the more you tread inside, the more it reveals its unmatched beauty in a surprising manner. Just as you will see the sky-scrappers dotting its capital Kuala Lumpur, similarly idyllic villages have given a rural touch to this country's interior. Any traveller would love to enjoy the sparkling rivers which have embellished the two states of the Malaysian Borneo. The dense forests lend to any trip the finishing touch with their adventurous streak.

Some facts about Malaysia That you must know before travelling:

So, before you pack your bags for Malaysia, you must stay abreast about some quick facts regarding this country. Here is what you must know!

  • Although you can spot many English speaking people in Malaysia, their official language is Bahasa Melayu. You can come across various dialects too in the villages of this country.
  • Malaysia's official currency is Malaysian Ringgit. Don't worry, like all other travel hot spots, Malaysia also has multiple exchange banks.
  • Don't miss Rafflesia, the largest flower of the world in the forest of Sabah which is not found anywhere else.
  • Malaysian climate is predominantly tropical with a warm and humid air. The mountain regions are cooler than the lowlands. The temperature hovers around 21° Celsius to 32 ° Celsius.
  • Malaysia is no longer a third world country. With the abrupt development in their economy, Malaysia is ready to throw challenge to any other developed nation.
  • Due to the Muslim majority, Malaysia follows some strict laws regarding drugs, alcohols, sexual activities and dresses for women.

A Look Into The Past:

A mosaic of diverse culture, Malaysia has quite an interesting past that contributed to its present popularity as a travel destination. Malaysia found the European touch through the British invasion followed by the Portuguese and Dutch. Being announced as an independent country in 1957, Malaysia went through a long period of anarchy but after the ministerial election in 1981, Malaysia has seen a super-fast growth in the economy and political structure.

The Taste Of Malaysia:

Apart from all its natural attractions and extravaganza, what Malaysia has to offer the travellers is their unique and delicious cuisine. Just as the cultures have mixed in this country, the cuisines also found a synthesis. Indian, Chinese, Thai and Western, the mixture of all these tastes have made Malaysia a paradise for the gourmets.

The Cultures - Adding More Colour:

Starting from the crude tribal tinge to the sophisticated western culture; Malaysia is like chameleon, changing colour in every step. Whether it is their festivals or music and arts, you can find the dash of every ethnic traditions blended into one, in Malaysia.


Rank Top 12 Major Cities States 2010 Population
1 Kuala Lumpur Federal Territories 1,475,337
2 Johor Bahru Johor 916,409
3 George Town Penang 740,200
4 Ipoh Perak 704,572
5 Shah Alam Selangor 671,282
6 Petaling Jaya Selangor 638,516
7 Kuching Sarawak 617,887
8 Kota Kinabalu Sabah 462,963
9 Kuala Terengganu Terengganu 343,284
10 Malacca City Malacca 331,790
11 Alor Setar Kedah 295,624
12 Miri Sarawak 280,518