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Rahsia Motel

  • Rahsia Motel, Kampung Padang Puteh, Jalan Pantai Tengah, Mukim Kedawang, Langkawi, Malaysia
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Expedient location and other amenities make Rahsia Motel in Langwaki for a pleasant stay

What better way to enjoy life than consuming the scenic beauty of heavenly beaches in Langwaki and serenading into a deep sleep on the cozy mattress of Rahsia Motel Langwaki? Or at least that's what the past travelers and tourists of Malaysia believe. Rashsia Motel has homed many of the past tourists, who left this place with nothing but complete satisfaction and pleasant experience.

What's so good about this motel?

This is quite confusing, even to the psychologists- when people are at home, they want to go out for vacationing and when they are out on vacation, they miss their home. But this is the area where Rashia Motel ace. Away from all the hustle-bustle of city, it has a very homely feel to it. Small or big items like beautiful curtains, portrait hung on the walls, classic looking furniture makes the visitor feels like they are at their home; only now their home has been picked up and placed in an area where distant noise of waves crashing each other soothes their ears.

Overalls- This motel has 9 guestrooms; each of them are very spacious- suitable for a mid size family stay. The place, inside and around, is very clean and hygienic. It has very cool and calm surroundings, giving people all the peace they want. The staffs are very friendly; along with Malay, they also speak English, which is very helpful and convenient for the visitors to communicate and gain more insight into this culture-rich place.

Updating your friends 24/7

It would be quite a dilemma if you clicked a selfie while chilling in the big lounge area of Rahsia motel and wasn't able to post it on Instagram and Facebook. But thankfully that won't happen; this motel offers you free Wi-Fi access. So you stay in touch with your friends and family 24/7- keeping them up-to-date with everything you are doing and eating. And hey, you can even Periscope them- giving them a first hand experience of this wonderful place.

Expedient Location

The geographic location of Rahsia Motel is very convenient, which has been one of the favorite things for all of their past visitors. The exotic Underwater World is just 2Kms away from this motel, while the well known mall of this place- Cenang Mall- is also at the close-by perimeter, so the shopaholics can feed in their cravings to buy clothes and souvenirs. Additionally, for all the night-owls there's a very popular night market, Pasar Malam.

Also the beautiful beaches- Pantai Cenang, Laman Padi and Tengah- are within 3kms away from the Rahsia Motel Langwaki. So the people can stroll their way to these beaches anytime of the day- to enjoy sunrise or sunset or that sight of mesmerizing horizon.

Langkawi also have other highlights for the people who enjoy the culture and diversity of a place. It homes many temples like Hindu, Buddhist, and Dato'kong Taoist, which boast a rich architectural history.

Booking- To seal the deal, Rahsia Motel Langwaki offers a very easy booking and check in process. Just make sure you're over 18 years old and have a valid government-issued photo ID.

Rooms - 2 rooms total

1 Bedroom Home

Hotel Amenities

  • Car park
  • Wi-Fi in public areas

Rest and Recreation

  • Garden

Family Amenities

  • Garden
  • Wi-Fi in public areas

Internet and news

  • Wi-Fi in public areas

Things to do

  • Garden