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Langkawi - Malaysia

Indefinable with a single word, the beauty of Langkawi has augmented the luxury and magnificence of Malaysia. Known adorably as the "jewel of Kedah", Langkawi is made up of 104 islands posited in the Andaman Sea, about 30 Km away from the North-western coast of Malaysia. Located at the Strait of Melaka, this cluster of Islands was once a paradise for the pirates, but now Langkawi is a favourite travel destination for those who are seeking a temporary escape from the hectic and habitual lifestyle. Bestowed with the eye-catching scenic beauty, mountains and sweeping beaches, with wonderful sunset spots and romantic getaways, Langkawi is just the other name of heaven, minus the ultra-development of the urban zones of Malaysia.

Being a part of the Kedah district, this archipelago is now officially called Langkawi Permata Kedah after it completed its Golden Jubilee. Langkawi has both populated and uninhabited islands that offer the travellers both luxurious and idyllic voyages. The largest island is Pulau Langkawi which has the size of Singapore and is home to almost 65,000 people. On the other hand, there is Pulau Tuba where one can hardly find population. The instances of development in Langkawi can be noticed in town of Kuah and in the idyllic beach resorts.

Other Names Of this place:

It is said that the abundance of Eagles led the inhabitants to name this archipelago as "Langkawi". There is another group of people who believe that Langkawi is the amalgamation of two Sanskrit words "Lanka" and "Wi" which respectively mean Beauty and innumerable. Also known as the "Land of Bliss", Langkawi is quite the hot spot for the enthusiastic travellers.

A Brief History:

The archipelago of Langkawi has been covered under the jungles until Mahathir Mohamad took the initiative to bring it to the light of development. Being the prime minister of Malaysia, he understood the potential of Langkawi as a travel destination.

There are many famous folklores relating to Langkawi, especially the caves, forest, islands and rocks. The folks say that land was cursed by the beautiful princess Mashuri who was falsely accused and was sentenced to death. It is also assumed that, this archipelago was ruled by the Sultanate and then was occupied by the British during the Second World War.


With rain being the major climatic character of Langkawi, it receives a whopping amount of rainfall during the months of March to November. The dry season starts from December and continues till February. On an average, Langkawi gets 24,00 mm rainfall every year and August is the wettest month that alone brings 500mm/sqm, the lion's share of the total precipitation.

Places to Visit:

Whether it is the historically enriched spots or the natural attractions of Langkawi, altogether this place is the dreamland for the tourists. But, to enjoy the true essence of Langkawi, one must step into the following destinations:

1) Eagle Square:

Dataran Lang or the Eagle Square is one of the most sought after tourist destinations in Langkawi. The large eagle on the verge of flying - a fantastic sculpture that can be noticed on the ferry route is one of the prime attractions of Langkawi. This manmade monument is one of the top attractions of Langkawi. The stunning view of the Kuah Bay and the small fountains will also mesmerize the travellers. However, it is best to visit this place either in the morning or in the afternoon as it can be too hot.

2) Langkawi Underwater World:

The largest aquarium with almost two hundred underwater species, the Underwater World Langkawi is just mind-blowing. Starting from sharks, rockhoppers, cute penguins, giant rays, to Amazonian Arapaima and what not - one can come across the diverse range of aquatic creatures at this fully air-conditioned gallery.

3) Oriental Village:

Those who want to experience the exhilarating cable car and The Sky Bridge, must step into the Oriental Village located in the west of Langkawi at Pantai Kok. Apart from that, one can also enjoy shopping hand-crafted items, stroll around the art galleries and the museums to know more about the place. The cable car ride can introduce the travellers to the marvellous views of the western coast that can only be enjoyed from the top. The malls of this duty-free zone offer several souvenirs that are worthy to be kept in one's collection.

4) Kilim Karst Geoforest Park:

A vast forest land covered with mangrove trees, medicinal plants, hills, migratory birds and all such beauties of nature is what one can call Kilim Karst Geoforest Park. The Setul formation is the oldest limestone on which the park is built.

Best Beaches In Langkawi:

Without a beach trip, Langkawi travel is just incomplete! This place is famous for its multiple white sand beaches with serene turquoise water. Going to the west coast, one will enter the Pantai Cenang Beach which is one of the developed beaches of Malaysia. 25 km westward of Kuah, this beach lies gloriously and welcomes the travellers with open arms. Apart from that, Pantai Kok, Tengah and Datai Bay also deserve mention when it comes to the beaches of Langkawi. At Pantai Kok, one can also enjoy the views of the mountains that surround the area.

Special Activities:

Langkawi is a splendid place to engage in the outdoor activities. Those who are enthusiastic and outdoorsy, may find their paradise in Langkawi.

Cycling tour:

Travelling around Langkawi on a bicycle is the best way to relish its beauty that unfolds slowly. Bicycles are available on rent in the villages of Langkawi. What one can come across are the regular lives of the villagers, the sweeping paddy fields, lush surroundings and the mountain ranges. In one word, the cycling tour can be just incredible.

Sailing and Island hopping:

The serene water sailing from Kuala Perlis take the travellers to the different islands of Langkawi. The diverse flora and fauna, sunny bright purlieus and the delicious food on the cruise make a perfect holiday outing. Moreover, all the island can be enter through the waterways and one can enjoy the sundry panorama of the geographical features.

Beach Activities:

Various beach activities are in vogue in this Malaysian archipelago. Surfing, parasailing, paddles boating, swimming and snorkelling – all such water sports can be enjoyed in Langkawi. These exciting water sports are also backed by the beach kiosks where all the sports equipment is available.

Some Quick Travel Info:

Language: Bahasa Melayu is the official language of Langkawi, but English speaking people are also widely found.

Currency: Ringgit is the official currency and exchange banks are mostly available in the Kuah town.

Migration: People coming from North Korea, Cuba, Vietnam and China need to show their visas in order to enter Langkawi. Other foreigners do not need to have visas.