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3-Day Taman Negara Adventure from Kuala Lumpur

  • Malaysia, Central Region, Kuala Lumpur


Taman Negara is Malaysia's immaculate rainforest for adventure lovers. Walking around the forest vegetation, having the general view of the forest on the path and learning forest survival classes is appealing tour for tourists for a deep understanding of beauty of the forest.

Day-1: Kuala Lumpur-Kuala Tembeling- Taman Negara
Start your journey from Jerantut, a rural town located at three hour journey from your camp. You can have your lunch with a short nap at riverbank at Kuala Tembeling. Now, continue interesting your journey start to Kuala Tahan, park headquarters, at a distance of 60 km. you will see many wooden houses (Kampongs); fisherman's and monkeys on your way. You will have your dinner and a video of presentation of the whole forest is shown to the tourist. At night you can have a walk through the jungle and find many night animals there. With this your one day tour comes to an end.

Day 2: Taman Negara
Now days, canopy walk has been the common activity by the travelers. The canopy at height of 25 meters gives a close overview of height of the forest. Jungle trek can be your next step of your second day journey towards the Teresik Hill, the highest peak in Malaysia. Moreover, on your journey you will discover the stratagem of survival, ecology and plant recognition in the forest. For more fun, visit Lubok Simpon water hole on your way and enjoy swimming there.
At night, participate in vigil at the tree house but animals are rarely seen there.

DAY 3: Taman Negara - Kuala Lumpur
Your three day tour ends here. Have a breakfast and drive back to your hotel.