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4-Day Taman Negara Adventure From Kuala Lumpur

  • Malaysia, Central Region, Kuala Lumpur


This is four day trip is the best opportunity for adventure lovers to have more adventure in their journey. Your adventure begins from the start while arriving at the resort. A number of activities has been provided at the resort for fun and enjoy the beauty of the nature. You will also discover about the life of the natives.

DAY 1:
Your journey starts form Kuala Tembeling, a three hour long journey from Kuala Lumpur. You can choose for a two hour ride to the resort and enjoy the views of the tropical forest. Always take your guide with you, to have leisure walk of the forest at night for safely. You can surely find out the scary living beings hidden there.

DAY 2:
This day is for the enthusiastic adventure lovers. Many outdoor activities are arranged to have you a close look of the nature. Take a yacht upstream to the lake Berkorh where you will enjoy fishing proceeding to the suspension bridge of Malaysia. And to enjoy the scenic view of the park, opt for a walk up to the Teresek Hills to Mount Tahan. Besides this, visit Lubok water hole or Animal vigil to have more enjoyment.

DAY 3:
Visit the Orang Asli settlement to learn about the culture and the lifestyle of the natives. Tourist admires their semi traditional lifestyle activities such as playing the blowpipes, using medicinal plant and many such other activities. Other than this, have an experience of thrilling water rapids and enjoy.

DAY 4:
Have your delicious breakfast and this put a full stop to your tour, with lots of memories with you.