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Private Tour: Elephant Orphanage Sanctuary Day Tour from Kuala Lumpur 4.5

  • Malaysia, Central Region, Kuala Lumpur


Established in 1989, Elephant orphanage Sanctuary Day tour or Elephant Orphanage Sanctuary at Kuala Lumpur has become a popular choice for visitors. This sanctuary offer this amazing experience found rarely on earth. At the Elephant Orphanage Sanctuary, elephant conservation is managed by Malaysian Wildlife Society. You can explore this sanctuary with the help of guide and interacting with this giant creature might give you some memorable moments.

Mostly visitors usually opt for private vehicle or private tour to enjoy the journey of this beautiful humid rain forest as there no such facility available here. During your tour, midway at the Deer Land Park visitors spent some time with Indonesian deer. Visitors really appreciate the panoramic view of Malaysia's landscape with plantations spotted everywhere. Also visit at aboriginal settlement and discover about the local lifestyle of the nomads, who live here and survives. During your tour, you can also observe how the wildlife experts taking care of the feeding and bath of the one these beautiful creatures. You can also observe the wildlife experts taking care of the feeding and bath of the one these beautiful creatures.

But this is not end to the journey. At afternoon, if river is calm and still enough, you can enjoy with baby elephants. Visitors enjoy the unique and insightful experience of bathing and feeding them. However, this is optional and need to be purchased additionally. Along with this journey, enjoy the delicious Malaysian lunch at locals. You can have your food packed to carry along with journey.

Before beginning visitors are advised to watch an introductory video about the sanctuary and learn how Malaysian Wildlife Society is taking steps to preserve Asian Elephants. Every possible step is being taken by the sanctuary for the rehabilitation of these giant creatures. The elephant Orphanage Sanctuary creates atmosphere for the elephants and take care of their health before letting them free to the wild. Besides this, sanctuary is receives funds from governments and other sources to maintain this sanctuary.

However, at the end of your journey you will have long lasting memories and pictures which would often let you, recall the journey and moments associated with them.