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Private Tour: Kuala Lumpur Rainforest and Canopy Walkway Tour 4.5

  • Malaysia, Central Region, Kuala Lumpur


The one hour rainforest and Canopy Walkway tour offer great opportunity for visitors to have close view of forest flora and fauna. Tourist enjoys their private sightseeing through the Malaysian rainforest, walking through the shady trails and arboretums. They have collection of almost 30 different species of local bamboo and among them Dipterocarp arboretum as centre of attraction for biological reference.

Forest Reserve Institute of Malaysia (FRIM) is taking steps to educate people about the importance of forest ecosystem. They also provide facilities to enjoy their walk through the Malaysian Rainforest. The center is known its excellence in forestry research. Extended over wide area it contains both renewed and secondary forest, containing many number of plant life also.

These tours are mostly privately guided to help tourists explore this place. Tourists enjoy observing the flora fauna, the landscape and the remnants of the old Orang Asli settlement. The cascade and the river through the forest reserve add beauty to the forest. But the different forest tracks: Keruing trail, rover track, Engkabang trail and the last one Salleh trail adds more adventure to the journey especially for adventure lovers. Additionally, the canopy walks above the treetops are most loved by the tourist however; their number of entries per day is limited. But tourists should care of the time while visiting for canopy walk especially on Mondays and Fridays.