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Bako National Park Full-Day Tour from Kuching 5.0

  • Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak, Sarawak


Nature lovers should go Bako National Park tour to enjoy the greenery of the nature.. Also you observe the Proboscis monkeys, lizards and wide species of birds, the most popular native of the place. It takes one hour to reach the national park from your respective lodge that includes the car and the longboat journey. However, it is a 20 minute journey from Kampung Bako.

Bako national park houses seven different rainforest ecosystem and a number plants and animal species. Its unique scenic scenes, flora and fauna and variety of vegetation have been a centre of attraction. However, due to exposure to erosion the place is turned into a shoreline of steep cliffs, rocky peninsula and large stretch of sandy bays over the area.

The bizarre Proboscis monkeys, silvered langurs (leaf monkeys), wild boar, flying squirrels and monitor lizards as well as hundreds of different bird genus and many other species has been attracting large number of tourist every year. Mangroves, strangling figs, carnivorous pitcher plants and symbiotic ant plants can be easily found here.

Its unique geological location including places like the Sea Stack, path leading to the forest, covered hilltops and the beaches make it a perfect destination for tourists. A packed lunch is included in the package.