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Rafflesia Flower and Gunung Gading National Park Safari from Kuching

  • Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak, Sarawak


Gunung gading national park is one of the most tourist visited place of Malaysia. It is takes two or three hours to arrive at the park from Kuching. It is the main center of the conservation area for the Rafflesia, a largest flower of the world or the official state flower of Sabah.

The center is at two hour journey from Kuching and is the Sarawak's main area of conservation of Rafflesia. Rafflesia has a normal weight of 10 kg and height of 100 centimeters generally has an ordour of rotten meat to attract insects. But to have a glimpse of the flower you need to walk through certain distance from headquater.Other than this there are certain activities like the trails to enjoy the scenic forest and reach to the waterfall. A packed lunch is provided for visitors.