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Sarawak Cultural Village Tour from Kuching

  • Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak, Sarawak


Experience the Sarawak village lifestyle of the native and learn about their customs. You can observe the arts on the houses of the locals made by them. The most impressive and the beautiful art can be seen through beadworks, woods, bamboo carving, pua wearing and many more. The place resembles the one and only cultures of the place.

Moreover, you can find an array of the seventeen buildings resembling the traditions of the village covered by the ethnic people o perform their daily tasks. Some of their works are the bead work, weaving, sago making and many more. Besides this, enjoy learning throwing the Malay tops, shoot Penan or play music from the Orang Ulu sape. Finally, your tour comes to an end with the fantastic performance in the well ventilated theater.