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Traditional Bidayuh Village Bamboo Longhouse Tour from Kuching

  • Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak, Sarawak


Enjoy this three hour journey and experience the cultural life of these native villagers of Sarawak. The most interesting and sighting tourist love to see the houses made of Bamboo. These longhouses are the part of famous Bidayuh village since a very long time.

After your pick up from your hotel, it would take 45 minutes reach the village. Anah Rais is known as the largest village of the Bidayuh village, one of the longhouses spotting the landscape of the place. Earlier during the British rule called as the Land Dayak. Learn about the history of the village and see how the families live in there.

The centre of village is large enough to home the number of families. With the help of your guide you can see the architectural patterns of the house and learn about the villager's customs and lifestyle.