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Langkawi Half-Day Cycling Tour 5.0

  • Malaysia, Northern Region, Langkawi


Explore Langkawi through half day cycling tour to get the close view of the city. The beautiful scenic sights of the old established houses, the wide paddy fields and the fishing villages are a attraction for the visitors. In fact the bike tour is the best way to get around the city in the way you like. The 12 km ride covers the whole the Langkawi has to offer. You can point out the native villagers working as you pass the riverbanks, fields and forest. You can also find out the Malay kampongs or the old traditional timber houses whose foundation is made on the stilts. These houses are the construction of the original Malaysian people who served this as a present to their generations.

Proceed on to the beautiful paddy fields where normally the rice plantations have been setup. As you move on you can point out the fisherman busy in his day activity like ting up the boat and bringing the fishes he caught. Along with this, you can catch a view of the hornbills, kingfishers and the monitor lizards while passing though the country roads. You can find snacks available there on the midway. Also, it is suggested that you should carry your camera along with you o get the snapshots of the wonderful sights.

Follow your guide who will provide all the information about the history and culture of Langkawi. And of this tour is the best way to explore the city and mingle with the locals.