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Langkawi Underwater World and Crocodile Farm Tour 3.0

  • Malaysia, Northern Region, Langkawi


Visitors usually find Langkawi underwater world and crocodile farm worth place to spend their time with their family and friends. Sights of wonderful underwater life, while walking through the tunnel, including every member of aquatic life and the crocodiles at the farm are enjoyed by the tourists. Other than this the tropical birds, fishes and penguins can also be seen here.

You be taken to the crocodile farm at first, after you are picked up from your hotel. Crocodile farm, spread to the area of 20 acres, contains more than 1000 crocodiles in numbers from babies to matured one. Guests observe the crocodile at their feeding time in a controlled environment. The most interesting thing is that the world's biggest crocodile and their largest groups are seen here. Also, explore all the types of types of ponds including the pond for reproducing their natural habitats.

Your next place can be underwater world Langkawi, the largest well known aquarium in Malaysia. All types of species of fishes from freshwater to saltwater fishes are the member of this aquarium. Walk through the tunnel to see the multicolor fishes and also, visit the koi pond and the seashell exhibit. As you went on to explore the aquarium you will encounter the huge marine life and many aquatic animals such as knifefish, Pacu and many more. And with this your journey comes to an end.