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Penang Butterfly Farm Half-Day Tour 4.0

  • Malaysia, Northern Region, Penang


Penang Butterfly farm, located at Teluk Bahang is one of the famous tourist attractions in Malaysia. The farm is home to varied diversity of butterfly, reptiles, fishes and insects. These dying out species on earth are found here in Malaysia in wide range. Additionally, the spice garden containing various herbs is another attraction of visitors. Visitors like to find out the Malaysian cuisine flavors and aroma in this half day journey.

Visitors get captivated by the beauty with wide range of colors of butterflies as they flap around them. The museum has more than 4000 butterflies seems like jewels on breeze. Visitors enjoy getting around the tropical forest, which is residence to more 120 different species of butterfly and other hidden away insects. You can also visit zoo, which has collection of snakes, reptiles, turtles and flying birds. This living museum is source of pleasure and satisfaction of number of guest coming this year.

Moreover, there are more than 500 diverse pants in the museum. Their aroma appeals to large number of tourist per year. To make it more special for tourists trails are provided the jungle trail, the ornamental and the last one spice trail to explore the rainforest, the soft and exceptional decorative plants and last but not the least the different species of herbs. Besides this, this center is chief centre for research, breeding and education to protect this rare species. The museum is taking steps to aware people about these rare species.

And a visit to the species museum and discovering about them may end your journey at Penang Butterfly farm.